How to draw Puppy

How to draw a puppy:

During this free online drawing lessons  you learning how to draw puppy with very detailed step by step instructions. I hope you will enjoy to draw this dalmatian puppy  with a cute muzzle.

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Step 1: Draw a circle for the face. Add on a horizontal and vertical line to use as a guideline. Then draw an oval for the puppy body.
Step 2: Draw puppy ears on each side of head and shade them in.
Step 3: For the eyes draw two ovals and two smaller circles inside. Shade in the ovals but leave the smaller circles inside white. Draw a rounded square shape around the left oval and then draw an even bigger rounded square shape around the smaller one. Shade in the bigger rounded square shape leaving the smaller one white. Then for the eyebrows draw two tear drop shapes on top of each eye and shade them in.
Step 4: Draw puppy nose as an oval shape and an even smaller oval inside of big one. Shade in the bigger oval leaving the smaller one white. Draw a short line going down from the nose and two curved lines on each side of the short line. Draw puppy tongue under the two curved lines. And add on another small line on the end of both of the curved lines. Draw a curved line facing downward on top of the nose.
Step 5: Go over the shape of the body and draw on three lines as the legs and add two open circles as the paws.
Step 6: Draw a short line on one side of the left leg and then a longer line on the other side of the left leg. Draw a curved line that looks like half an oval on the body next to the left leg and then draw another half oval as the paw. For the puppy tail draw a narrow looking triangle.
Step 7: Draw two curved lines on each paw as the nails. Then draw puppy’s squiggly and circular spots and shade them in.

What materials you need to complete this how to draw puppy art lesson:

sketchbook or just any white piece of paper, pencil, eraser

For coloring you may use any other desirable materials of your own choice:

Coloring pencils, markers, crayons or paints. You can even mix different materials in your drawing, it can give your artwork a more creative and stylish look.

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