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Welcome to kidsarthub.com! Feel free to look through all of our easy How To Draw art lessons and try out our easy tutorials!

On Kids Art Hub, you can find tons of drawing tutorials and learn how to draw with step-by-step instructions. The website is easy to use and there’s a variety of different drawing tutorials to choose from, like drawing about certain holidays or about everyday things. Each tutorial was created to be fun and simple for kids of all ages. You can easily learn how to draw different people, animals, plants, food, vehicles and other different objects around us. Pick a lesson, follow the steps and then color it in if you want! Enjoy drawing and expand your creativity!

 Our animated drawing lessons were first on Youtube, designed for kids to follow videos step-by-step. As we gained more views and subscribers there, we realized that kids were really enjoying our tutorials so we decided to expand and create our very own website. On here, you can always ask for new lessons and suggest new ideas on what you would like us to do next. You can also contact us through Youtube, Facebook or Twitter. You can find links to these by clicking on the buttons at the top of the website. We would love to hear your feedback and help with any of your requests!

About Kids Art Hub founder

Being a mother and an artist myself, I’ve always enjoyed helping my kids express their creativity. Helping my children as they grew older, I realized that I wanted to teach other kids how to do the same. I love being able to help inspire kids to express themselves through art. This website is the perfect place for your kids to learn how to draw and explore their creativity.

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